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Diane Zeigler is an external affairs professional, a seasoned fundraiser and gifted storyteller. She brings integrated experience in accounting and public outreach for small organizations in the arts, journalism, technology and advocacy sectors and has a proven public record in Vermont. Her work has produced a string of successful campaigns and exceeded revenue targets for some of the state’s most respected nonprofits and small businesses.

Her experience includes work as the Director of Marketing & Communications at Circus Smirkus, as the Publisher of, and as a technical project manager at the Vermont Arts Council. At the former KSE Partners lobbying firm in Montpelier, Vermont, she directed public affairs for multiple clients including Goddard College, GroSolar, Chelsea Green Publishing, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and many others. One of the highlights of her career was running the communications strategy for the Vermont Freedom to Marry campaign in 2009, which resulted in Vermont’s landmark legislation to remove the restrictions on marriage for same-sex couples.

She brings to the table an unusual combination of marketing and financial skills developed over a career in the music business and in working for nonprofits and small businesses.

Current and former clients include: